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About Us
Uone Industrial Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented manufacturer of Healthcare Medical Products for Home & Baby care. As a fast growing factoryandexporter, our products are now distributed to more than 20 countries.

Our main products include Digital thermometers, IR Forehead & Ear thermometers, Baby Nasal aspirators, Digital Blood pressure monitors, Baby bath thermometer & Aroma diffusers.

Our factory is ISO13485 certified for Medical Productsandour R&D team has 9 engineers focussing on constant product development & improvement, ensuring customers have confidence in our product design & quality.

We welcome customers who have an idea for a productorwho are looking for an ODM partner. Our Factory & R&D facilities include an Injection Workshop & Screen-printing production line for painting & logos,and we will help you develop your idea into a product.

You are always welcome to visit our factory to meet us to see how we can work with you. It will be worth your trip.

If you choose us, we will give you the full set of services from: Your idea----New product construction & shape design----Molding----Injection----Production----Inspection----Ready to ship.

We believe & we know we are your right choice.