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Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

UO-8021B/Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is intended for use by medical professionalsorat home to monitoranddisplay diastolic,systolic blood pressureandpulse rate on adult each time *Measurement Principle:Oscillography
*Measurement Range:Pressure:(5.3~37.3)Kpaor40~280mmHg Pulse:40~160heart beats/minute
*Accuracy:Pressure:+/-0.65Kpa(+/-mmHg) Pulse:+/-5% Resolution:Blood pressure(0.13Kpa)or(1mmHg)andpulse rate
*Auto-power-off:After measuring ,the unit will shut off about 1minute
*Inflation Rate:Within the pressure range of(12~30)Kpaor(90~150)mmHg,The inflating rate should be within the range of (0.27Kpa~0.81Kpa)or(2~6)mmHg
*Inflating time: The inflating time is about 60seconds for pressurizing from 0Kpa to (26.7Kpa) or(0mmHg) to(200mmHg).
*Display function: The screen of the monitor should be able to show systolic pressure, diastolic pressure andpulse rate with "mmHgorKpa"
*Low voltage prompt:when the battery is lower than 5.2V+/-0.1V,the symbol of low battery shall be appeared
*Memory function:60set of data for systolic pressure, diastolic pressureandpulse can be saved in the monitor
*FDA&CE Approval


1pc/Bag+Color Box
3pcs/inner box/18.2x43.2x11.6cm